Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

EASF Drills in the Red Sea

The East African standby Forces (ESAF) preparation for its exercise has been launched and completed by the arrival of the first east Africa standby forces last week participating in the field exercise for the head of military component of the Office  Planning of the Forces, along with the Kenyan, Ugandan, Rwandan and Ethiopian troops whom are participating in the exercise, arrived at Port Sudan International Airport on Friday afternoon 17/11/2017. It is worth noting that preparation and army parade commander has opened with participants assemble and invited guests of honor which pledged forces for the exercise national flags accompanied by various national of ech participant country ,forces were paraded in Alphabitical order on the 25th of Nov 2017 opening cermony were atanbed by GOH and remarks by director (EASF)  start of the exercise in the arming Jubit training camp building capacity teasting readines of forces theorizing stage to a performing the duties specified for these forces within the peac council system and security and positive intervintion and efective contribution of achivement of peace and security in the vital region of Africa.East Africa standby forces elect Sudan to host these forces in its vital role in the region this what ESAF commander has stated in the open ceremony yesterday morning .