Current Date:

Monday, 08 January 2018

Moonlight: Sudan’s Relationship with Ethiopia Witnesses Development

Sudanese, Ethiopian relationship has witnessed remarkable development in all aspects and becomes strategy

. It is known that there is a long historical relationship between Sudan and Ethiopia, it was starting from the time of the state of Axum and Merowe, and there are also long- standing ties between the two peoples who have lived in one another’s country over the years. It is evident that this relationship has had its own positive and negative feature. In particular, since the end of world War 11, when the Sudan became independent, the relationship has not developed in a positive manner as much as it should have. The comprehensive relationship between Khartoum and Addis Ababa which is established on the basis of mutual benefit is ever growing.
We find that there are clear fingerprints from the two administration of the two countries which they exerted an efforts aim to develop bilateral relations between the two nations, however the bilateral relations development has been continued in the relations of the political, economic and strengthening people to people relations.
The strong honest political ties have helped to increase economic relations between the two countries, the two countries, are now working to further  and enhance trade relations by broadening trade exchange networks. The current efforts that are being exerted by Khartoum and Addis Ababa to maintain peace and development in the two neighbor countries as well as the neighborhood demonstrates the nation’s genuine interest to ascertain peaceful development in the region.
The two countries have been supporting each other’s agenda on various regional and international issues which indicates their strong ties. Ethiopia and Sudan enjoy age-old relations in religious and cultural spheres. Nowadays Khartoum and Addis are strengthening their relations to harness business and trade potentials.
Sudan –Ethiopia relations have witnessed remarkable development in various political, economic, cultural and military fields in recent years. Ethiopia and Sudan are engaged more and more in joint economic projects particularly in border areas for the benefit of the people from the two sides. Last April, Khartoum signed a number of joint agreements to promote economic relations and strengthen ties with Ethiopia. Also in February, they multiple agreements to further boost up cooperation on arrange of development activities. Also Khartoum provided support for the Ethiopian government which constructs a dam on the Blue Nile. In October 2016, the two countries signed in Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa a memorandum of understanding providing to enhance joint security and military cooperation between the two neighboring countries to fight terrorism.
We can say that relations between Sudan and Ethiopia is strategic relation Khartoum and Addis Ababa want to make it strong and partnership in all aspects, the two sides would work hand – in – hand in order to confront their mutual challenges particularly the area passes through complicated phase which requested from them to coordinate and unify their efforts to protect their common interests.