Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Practice English WhatsApp Group

Talking to one of my closest friends about his idea as concerning this world of modernization, and what surprises him much of these new technological pieces that he can consider an eighth wonder of the world. His answer comes as carbon copy of what I have pre-printed on the top of myself-hemisphere; the invention of smart mobile phones. Yes, what a coincidence! That what runs in my mind before shelling my bosom friend with that question.
He roared his answer as: I can’t imagine life without that smart phone! Then he went on continuing what this piece of plastic gives him to cope and match with this globalization; how is it. In fact, connects him with his mates; the now and then. Yes, his old mates of the old good days. A study held recently reflects that the 50th generations are the most of the closest mates in their social contacts.
In asserting that study, the hero of his article is one of those generations, and coincidently he and his old class mates kept contacting each other all their waking hours. Naming a few of those guys, one can’t skip Eissa Ibrahim El-Khidir, Ad-Dali Rahmsllah, Ali Muhamadien, Badrdin karoom, Hatim Mohammed Medani, Suleiman Hiessan, Mohammed Abass, Ghazi El-Khidir, Zubair Bahir, Mohammed El-Sayadi and me, myself and I. This is in fact, only to name a few. Those guys didn’t see each other in person for at least three decades, they are now scattered all the globe wide; some are Canadians, the rest are roaming the different countries that we see in the atlas.
Those bosom friends get rid of all the obstacles that block the way for them, and started to meet virtually at every waking hour. They meticulously pull the hands of the hour back to recall the joyous moment of those old good days. They just imagine their mates in the dark black hair that used to cap their young skulls; it was once fair hair which now Eissa and his brothers exchange it for a silvery-colored one.
This Galaxy-group in fact harmoniously tease each other in recalling their memories which turned ragged to only some of them due to time factor, so to match and compete with their friends they have inserted a one-additional-Gaga of memory to help retrieving their images of the past.
Aging people usually weep their old good days, the vast majority of this group are at verge of the 60, that is why those mates are now taking it in a non-stop, a continuous game, chatting, although, they shake up each others’ memory to help him remember what he erased and sieved out of his ragged memory.
This  Practice English Group, has really succeeded in turning the hour back some thirty years passed and now they virtually in touch with each other as if they are living in one big spacious room! Thanks for WhatsApp; thanks for smart phones that make our meeting- after this long period of time-possible. This is in my opinion.