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Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Congested Stations!

Highly densely populated city usually suffer in all services. It reaches at times necessities of life; food, for example, might need good hunt to get it at the right moment it is needed and at the right quantities that are needed. This is, in fact, one mere example, and of course, many examples could be cited in this scope.
Take Khartoum, an example, for this simple survey, and in particular the problem of the public transportation which these days represents a toothache, one can easily say: It is a chronic dilemma that was inherited since the time of independence. The fifties generations now telling us that they are now approaching sixty, and they have  sworn with their full mouths that they were born with this trouble.
Yes, it is since Adam and Eve. We born to face it, we take it always a heavy burden on our shoulders. Buses, Caravans, Hiaces, Taxies, Amgads and  Richshows. All these in unbroken line will not satisfy the lust of the commuters. These vessels carry those passengers all the day long without getting a bit tired, and they continue doing so some hours continuously in the night. They actually work around 18 consecutive hours a day.
  The coaches, of course, are many, but I guess the people who are in a rapid increase. A study shows that there are some fifty families inhibit Khartoum daily. If we roughly multiply those fifty families by five , we will get 250 peoples per day ; 1750 persons per week; 7500 guys per month ; 157500 annually .See , how many loaves of bread do they eat a day? Wow, what a figure! How is it in ten years time? I am not good at Mathematics; help me please figuring out this puzzle! Oh, sorry this is not our point; we are discussing the issue of transportation, and the population inflation. This rocketing increase in the population of the triangular capital is sure to affect in all aspects, let alone the transportation. Did I say transportation?
It is not at all a problem of transportation, we call it so, but it isn’t as such. It is the problem of the people who take this public transportation. They are always in that hurried rush, and in an unjustified increase, and their timing could be programmed, if for example, you get some minutes before your usual time then you might avoid that jamming periods and moments of congestions.
University students, all of them, in unbroken line, come rashly in twos and threes to dwell in all the station of that certain line. More of the same usually come to join in those gatherings; they make clouds of these jammed populations. Some of those stationed guys after a couple hours will take a decision to go footing, hopefully , to go to bed early , lest not to miss their dawn prayers.
The problem is then not to be hanged round the neck of the transportation. It is the problem of the commuters; the guys who take these transportation means. Both in behavior and number those commuters represent a heavy burden on the transportation means. This is in my opinion .