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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Periscope: Africa Back to the Age of Slavery (1)

The shocking video that an investigation journalist with the US –CNN Net have broadcasted of African been sold as slaves for as little as $ 400 is that worst sign of shame on all, the African Union, the United Nations. The European Union, the International Criminal Court, The UN Human Rights Council, and all those who have kept silent for years on how African were treated in Libya.
The statements issued on this shameful human incident by the African Union and the United Nations is simply also shameful.
The first to blame is the United Nations which by trying to force on the Libyans a peace and reconciliation plan designed by its paymasters have prolonged the prevalence of the lawless state in Libya. This opened the gates wide for human trafficking organized Ganges, local and regional .
Same, time the UN backed Tripoli government which is only a government in name because it cannot even control the capital, Tripoli were it is based. The best evidence the African salves auction was held in the capital itself and place else.
The reaction to this shameful incident was not up to the degree of tragedy. Worst  is that  some countries have made gestures to calm their opinion more than contribute in addressing the basic root causes of the problem.
The challenge is to address the causes that drive these people to migrate in the first place. We have and many others also have done so.
But it seems that we need to repeat them again.
The root causes of migration from African countries are: rapid population increase, drastic negative impact of climate change and also absence of good governance, accountability, democracy and respect of human rights.
The situation was complicated more by the allocation in the name of attracting foreign investments of large areas of the rural lands that was the source of likelihood to those miserable people who had no alternative but to try and migrate to Europe even with the known risk of either drawing in the sea or killed or  raped or even sold as slaves. Why, because their lives in their own countries is not far better.
If the international community wants to really address this challenge then these are the issues that need to be addressed. Same time there must be a real transparent review of the impact of international investment in driving people out of their countries because the merge that foreign investments is the gate to development have proved to be only a false down to enrich certain sectors.    Anything else is just fake news.