Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Spotlight: Tourism and Archeology in Sudan Support Economy

Sudan is considered the seventh country in the World has rich and distinctive tourist and archeological sites and attractions. It is our great pleasure and proud to know that Sudan is on the top list of the tourist countries all over the world. A lot of stories articles and even seminar and meeting were held talking this characteristic which enables Sudan to have its situation among those tourist countries at least in the Afro-Arab region.
Tourism in Sudan is characterized by gathering all sorts and shapes of tourism, Safari, the Nile tourism, diving tourism in the Red Sea ,water- falls and cataracts, natural parks and Zoo ,series of mountains , deserts , open valleys and plains . All these tourist potentials and components will enable Sudan to play its role as tourist country situates in strategic and geographical area links the whole world and it considers as a bridge to cross over it to the Arab world and the west in general.
Timing of lifting the US sanctions on last 6th October 2017 has many significances  not only at the political or economic levels, but we look at it from different views, angles and concepts. We don’t look only at the empty part of the cup; we have to look at the full part. Two decades of US economic sanctions had its negative impact on Sudan ‘economy. No one can deny this fact. The question is how we could benefit from the post lifting era?. How could we attract more tourists from all over the world? What is the modern and developed mechanism to provide distinctive services to the huge numbers of the international tourist agencies and companies to come to Sudan and sign memos and deals with the counter parts in Sudan   ?
We need to set short terms plans and strategies to implement the last long terms plans. Sudan has great unique cultural heritage, no one can compete with it. Sudan has many archeological sites distributed in its all states with no exception of any. Ministry of Tourism, Archeology and Wildlife exerted great efforts to inform the whole world with these tourist and archeological attractions in Sudan. The historical visit of Taleb Al Rafie , the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization to Sudan last year attended a regional workshop with a participation of tourism experts from all over the world , this visit supported Sudan to play a vital role in tourism for its distinctive tourist and archeological attractions .
Jabel Barkel in the Northern state and Sengneib and Dengenab Island in the Red Sea are registered in the International heritage committee in UNSECO . These are the most known tourist sites in addition to other torist and archeological the natural history museum, and the national museum, Dinder National Park. All these tourist attractions will play a role in attracting more tourists to Sudan.
China as one of the Asian countries has strong relations with Sudan, it planned to send one million Chinese tourists to Sudan to discover the new worlds in Africa as one of the continent concern with tourism for its real role in its national economies. China chose Sudan for its virgin rich and attractive tourist sites.  We hope that Tourism and Archeological activity will support economy and raise the national income in Sudan.