Current Date:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

FM Calls on Arabs to Make Use of the Sudan Experience in Dialogue

Khartoum - The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Gandour, has called on Arab nations to make use of the experience of Sudan in handling various issues of

difference through dialogue.
Ghandour who was speaking in his capacity as the guest of honor for the meetings of the Secretariat General of the meeting of the Arab Workers Trade unions Consultative committees and Secretariat General, said the national dialogue document was signed and approved by 89 political parties and 36 armed movements, after a process that continued debates for two years.
He said the document has shown that dialogue was the best means for resolution of all problems facing the country and people for reaching stability.
He indicated the strong will of the National Congress Party, and its Chairman, the president of the Republic, Omar Al Bashir, for reaching solution to all problems facing the country through dialogue and political will. He referred to the statements made by the President of the Republic which initiated the dialogue process and which included six questions that spurred the dialogue which were favorably received by the political forces including the opposition and in society in general.
He also commended the Arab International Workers Federation for its strong stand in face of plots being woven against the nation by the forces of sedition and by Zionism.
He expressed his confidence on the Secretary General the federation who, he stressed, through experience and wisdom would lead the federation to safe shores and reach solution for any challenges facing Arab workers unity.