Current Date:

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Justice Ministry Stresses Concern of State with Agricultural and Animal Production Professions Act

Khartoum- Ministry of Justice has stressed concern of the state with the Agricultural and Animal Production Professions Act, which aims at developing and boosting the

agricultural and animal production in the country.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Justice, Hon. Tahani Tor Al-Dabba, speaking over a talk show program of Omdurman Radio yesterday, pointed out that the Agricultural and Animal Production Professions Act stipulates a close link between the farmers and herdsmen in a manner the is conducive for increasing production and productivity.
The State Minister said the Act targets transferring the agricultural and animal production sector in the country from a traditional one into a modern one and raising its competiveness in the international market.
She reviewed the stages of the issuance of the new act which brings together the farmers and livestock owners, pointing out that it was preceded by visits to a number of countries that have pioneering experiences in this field, including China, South Africa, Malaysia and Ethiopia.
The State Minister stressed the importance of registration of the associations of the agricultural and animal production professions in a correct manner, referring to the need of raising the awareness of the producers on the importance of the law.
The State Minister pointed out that the act is expected to lead to a big leap in productivity, especially in the Gezira Scheme.
Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Badriya Suleiman requested technical views from the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law on some proposed constitutional amendments which are included in the constitutional amendments bill, 2017, pointing to the importance of the technical view of the experts who works with the foundation and the EU on the subjects of the amendments.
Dr. Badriya pointed out when she met at her office the regional director of Max Planck Foundation, Siraj Khan, that the amendments are related to the Bill of Rights, the selection of the judges of the Constitutional Court, the political parties and the freedom of association.
She lauded the existing joint cooperation between the foundation and the parliament.