Current Date:

Monday, 30 April 2018

Tunisia-Sudan: For Cooperation between Private Health Sectors

(TAP) – A Sudanese delegation, chaired by Sudanese Health Minister Somia Okoued, met Friday with members of the Health Federation stemming from the Tunisian

Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) with attendance of Wided Bouchamaoui, President of UTICA.
On this occasion, Bouchamaoui pointed out the readiness of the Tunisian companies in the health fields, the pharmaceutical industry and paramedical professions, to strengthen their cooperation with their Sudanese counterparts, and to open up broad prospects for cooperation between the two countries.
For her part, the Sudanese minister said that the visit to Tunisia gave them an idea of the performance of the Tunisian health sector and of the regulatory mechanisms available in Tunisia, affirming her country's interest in The Tunisian experience.
Boubaker Zakhama, President of the Federation of Health, noted that a "Tunisian-Sudanese collaboration in the field of health, will be based on three axes.
The first is a response to a need expressed by the Sudanese side and concerns the transfer of Sudanese patients to Tunisia in the fields of cardiac surgery, neurological surgery, organ transplantation ... The second axis concerns training and consists of hosting in Tunisia of Sudanese medical and paramedical executives to train them and transfer Tunisian skills to Sudan to settle some services and assist the health personnel in this country.
The third axis concerns the need expressed by Sudan to receive Tunisian investments in the health field".