Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Punitive Punishments for Convicts in Corruption Cases

Khartoum - Deputy Chief Justice, Abdul Majid Idris said penalties would be a deterrent to those guilty of corruption cases, and that the judiciary would not accept

interference from any party in the trials of corruption cases.
In a press conference on the sidelines of the inauguration of Chief Justice, Haidar Ahmed Dafallah, Monday, the Court of Crimes of Corruption and Violations of Public Funds, Idris said that the court could sit in all the states of the Sudan with competent judges who were carefully selected, stressing that the judiciary seeks to complete the infrastructure and the provision of judicial aids, to achieve justice, noting the full independence enjoyed by the court.
For his part, Deputy Chief Justice, Mahjoub Al-Amin said that the opening of the court is a major step towards the administration of justice and implementation of the judiciary's strategy of specialized quality work, pointing out that the court will play a major role in laying the foundations of justice and preserving public money.