Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Government Stops Exports of Minerals as Metal Ore, Except Gold

Khartoum - Minister of Minerals, Prof Hashim Ali Salim, disclosed that his ministry stopped exporting of minerals as metal ore except gold according to national dialogue

recommendations. He pointed out that exporting of minerals as raw will cause great loses of resources. Salim noted that the future plan of minerals will focus on the establishment of the bank of minerals, which deposits is expected to be in hard currency. He said that capital of the bank is estimated to 10 times of the commercial banks capitals.
He added that work is running on rehabilitation of the Gold refinery which refines only 50 tons per year.
He pointed to that the minerals sector is need to another refinery to involve gold production which is estimated to more than 100 tons per year; besides implementing integrated laboratories.