Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Interior Minister Briefs Legislature on Borders Demarcation with Ethiopia

Omdurman- Interior Minister, Hamid Manan revealed that Sudan has demarcated the border with Ethiopia through a committee formed in April 2002, pointing out that this is

a joint action between the two countries, calling on the Ethiopian side to cooperate in this matter.
 In response to a question about demarcation and marking between Sudan and Ethiopia, the minister said that the length of the border between the two countries is 740 kilometers, pointing out that the infringement of the Ethiopian farmers is one of the problems that faced Sudan since independence, adding that the Ethiopian farmers were entering Sudanese territory, where they have had small areas until it expanded to 299 thousand acres cultivated by Sudanese and Ethiopians. He pointed out that the encroachment on the land has developed to settle and expand, revealing obstacles that prevent the demarcation process, which is the non-response of the other party and the incomplete demarcation of borders and marking between the two countries.
The minister said, in response to the MPs' questions, that the demarcation of the border is a complex matter, saying that what is happening in Fashaqa is not an occupation despite the presence of the Ethiopians, adding that there a lot of Sudanese land being rented by Sudanese citizens to Ethiopians and there are camps  for Ethiopians in Sudanese territory, indicating to the presence of Sudanese forces, indicating that the border is wide and open, saying that the interests among peoples may not push them to use the option of force and must live with reality, acknowledged the existence of settlement villages.