Current Date:

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sudan Sets 2020 to Reach SustainableSolutions to IDPs and Refugee Issues

Khartoum - The Sudanese government set 2020 as a timeframe for reaching sustainable solutions to IDPs and refugee issues

Minister of Social Security and Development, Mashair Al-Dawalab said that official and popular efforts and the efforts of civil society organizations and various political forces should be made to reach sustainable solutions to these issues.
 Addressing here yesterday, the regular forum of the states commissions, theminister stressed the importance of providing assistance to displaced people and refugees, stressing that the regulations issued by the Humanitarian Aid Commission to improve humanitarian interventions emphasizes the national vision in the resettlement of volunteer work through strengthening capacities and leadership of humanitarian interventions according to needs, pointing to the stability that is taking place in Darfur through the work done in the security process and the outcomes of the national dialogue and the weapon collection campaign, which opened a new reality of a large voluntary return, besides cease-fire in the two areas, which contributed to the large voluntary return.
 For his part, Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Ahmed Adam said that the forum aims to enhance cooperation to keep pace with the stage in Sudan and that the states’ commissions are leading the humanitarian work, affirming the participation of 54 states commissioners, officials of the procedures and project officials in the forum for consultation and exchange of experiences. Affirming that challenges of peace are greater than the challenges of war, which requires more effort and action, pointing out that Sudan is witnessing an opening with the international community after the lifting of economic sanctions.
Representative of states commissioners, Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid said that the states face a major challenge in facing the transition from emergency work to recovery and reconstruction, and to find durable solutions for IDPs and ending displacement and camps, referring to the plans put forward by state commissions to address all challenges.