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Sunday, 01 April 2018

Sudan Owns 30% of the Cultivated Area in the Arab World

Khartoum (Ashorooq TV) - Expert in the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, Dr. Salah Abdul Gadir

revealed that the cultivated area in Sudan is 30 percent of the total cultivated area in the Arab world, followed by Morocco by 15 percent, and then Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya
Abdul Gadir presented a paper on the Arab Agricultural Sector in the Arab Regional Agricultural Farming Forum, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Sudanese Society for Consumer Protection and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development under the slogan: Sustainable Organic Agriculture for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.
He explained that the grazing areas are concentrated in Saudi Arabia, where it owns 40 percent in the Arab region, while Sudan has 110 million head of livestock, followed by Somalia, but it does not meet the needs of food, meat and dairy in the Arab world.
He pointed out that the technical level of Arab agriculture is sub-standard and ambitious, as the use of seeds and improved seeds are 30% of cultivated areas, and the rate of use of agricultural mechanization seven tractors per thousand hectares, and the rate of fertilizer use is 50 kg per hectare.
For his part, Ahmed Al-Samawi stressed the aspiration of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development to the cultivation of organic health to achieve Arab food security, stressing the support of the organization for all that would develop agriculture in the Arab world.