Current Date:

Sunday, 01 April 2018

Team of Experts Calls on Security Council to Reconsider Darfur Sanctions

Khartoum (SMC) - The Head of the Committee of Team of Experts on Darfur of the Security Council, Resolution

No. (1591), has called on the council to reconsider the issue of Darfur sanctions in the light of the situation of stability and security the states of Darfur witness now.
The team of experts admitted in a report a copy of which has been received by SMC that Darfur enjoys now stability and has moved to the stage of construction and rehabilitation, commending the role of the national coordination office in facilitating their missions and arranging their meetings in Khartoum and visits to the five states of Darfur during the visit they paid to Khartoum in last May, which was led by the permanent envoy of Ukraine, which covered IDPs camp, main premises of UNAMID and the headquarters of the joint border forces between Sudan, Chad and Central Africa Republic.
The report disclosed condemnation of the head of the sanctions committee and its members to presence of remnants of Darfur movements in Libya and South Sudan, describing the remnants of the Darfuri movements as mercenaries.
The report of the Security Council indicated in its resolution that it would reconsider the future of the team of experts on Darfur.
SMC learnt that the team of experts, to be led by its new head, would arrive in Khartoum during the coming two months to pay a field visit to Darfur States to get acquainted with the positive development they have witnessed especially after implementation of the weapons collection campaign.