Current Date:

Friday, 23 February 2018

Libyan Mufti Calls for Expelling the JEM Gangs from Southern Libya

Khartoum - (smc) The Libyan National Congress Mufti  Sheikh Alsadiq Alghryani called upon all official and popular institutions to support the citizens of the southern region and save them from the occupation of the JEM (Justice and Equality Movement) gangs and foreign mercenaries.  Alghryani said that the people of southern Libya are suffering  from various violations and are facing a real conspiracy in addition to that the citizens are facing the dangerous challenges of human trafficking and basic commodities smugglers and that the desert in that area has become the home of illegal migrants.
It is worth mentioning that the forces of the National Accord government have confiscated lately documents in the residence of the former military governor who was appointed by the Commander of the Dignity Forces Lt. Gen. Ret.  Khalifa Haftar with instruction to facilitate the movement of the JEM forces in area between Sabha and Al Gafra.