Current Date:

Thursday, 01 February 2018

PCP: Egypt Considers Sudan as Second Class State

Khartoum – (SV - SMC) Popular Congress Party (PCP) called on the Egyptian government to review its policies towards Sudan especially after the recent provocations, adding

that Cairo is supporting the Sudanese opposition in Eastern Sudan through Eritrea and western Sudan through Khalifa Haftar.
PCP Deputy Political Secretary, Eng. Yusuf Libis accused foreign parties of endeavouring  to destabilize Sudan through igniting the war across the borders with the neighbouring countries, affirming that those parties are targeting Sudan with different types of hindering the development process, calling on the government to work to unify the internal ranks to confront the foreign targeting.
Libis disclosed that Egypt want Sudan to be a subordinate a matter which is unacceptable and rejected, adding that Cairo claims that Sudan is a second class state and must be under its control.