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Friday, 29 September 2017

PCP: Camps Are One of Repercussions of Raging War

Khartoum -  Secretary General of People’s Congress Party, Dr. Ali Al Haj has affirmed  that camps are one of the repercussions of the raging war and they  are  one of the most difficult problems that must be tackled after halting the war which we consider the basic issue and afterwards we are to enter in the framework of the appropriate solutions.
He said “ we don’t want to talk about the recent incidents of Kalma camp but we want to tackle the issues.
He renewed in debate on the current political situation at the Hall of the University of Sennar with a wide participation of political parties the People’s Congress Party call for ending the war in Sudan via the peace initiative recently launched by the party.
He said “the problem cannot be solved easily and we don’t want to intervene in it because the decision is in the hand of the government and we have no decision now except after the cease fire and realization of peace.