Current Date:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

UN to Declare East Sudan Free of Landmines Soon

Khartoum - The United Nations has announced its intention to declare eastern Sudan as free of landmines soon.
Director of UN office for landmines combating services in Sudan Habieb Al Haq has affirmed in a press statement following a meeting with Acting Governor of South Kordofan State Dr. Babiker Ahmed Babiker, in the presence of representatives of the British and Japanese embassies in Sudan, has affirmed Sudan’s participation in the meetings of the countries affected by landmines, scheduled for next month in Geneva.
He pointed out that the Geneva meeting would avail good opportunity for Sudan to present its successful experience in demining program in eastern Sudan states of Red Sea, Gadarif and Kassala.
Habieb Al Haq has said the meeting discussed ways and means of combating landmines in South Kordofan State and to get acquainted on the ground with the demining operations, awareness efforts and helping of victims as well as the efforts being exerted by the government towards the program and the challenges facing the demining work in South Kordofan State.
He affirmed commitment of UN to extending financial and technical support to Sudan for the demining program.
The Acting Governor of South Kordofan State, on his part, pointed out that the peace and stability the state have been witnessing for more than two years besides the repeated declaration of cease-fire by the President of the Republic contributed to return of thousands of the citizens from the rebel areas to the towns as well as from the various towns of Sudan to their original areas.
He affirmed need of the state to the demining program for the war-affected areas.
The acting governor affirmed keenness of the government on the safety of its citizens and full cooperation with the UN, the National Center for Combating Landmines and the donors for clearance of various areas from landmines to avail secure and stable environment in the villages.