Current Date:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Kassala Governor Confirms Stability of Security

Khartoum – Kassala Governor, Adam Jamma said that he briefed FVP, Bakri Hassan Saleh on the situations in the state, top of which state of emergency and closing of border with Eritrea.
The governor, who met the FVP here yesterday, affirmed the stable of security situations in his state, adding “the situation is excellent”, indicating that he presented enlightenment to the FVP on the economic conditions in the state, and the government’s efforts there to ease the burden of living, adding that the FVP directed to promote the cohesion of home front, to pay attention to the living conditions of the people, providing services, and implementation development projects. The government had closed its borders with Eritrea after receiving information about Egyptian military movements in the eastern borders, where the Sudanese government deployed troops in the borders to face any security threats, but the Egyptian President denied any intention of his country to wage war against Sudan, saying “Egypt will not fight our brothers in Sudan”.