Current Date:

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A l Bashir Announces Launching of Project of Green Darfur Future

Khartoum: President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has announced the launching of the project of green future of Darfur noting that Darfur is close to

recovering from all of its ills.
He renewed the call to the armed movements to respond to the repeated calls to come aboard peace because if they didn’t come the youths are ready to impose peace .
Al Bashir pledged while addressing yesterday the inauguration of the seventh general conference of the National Union of Youths to realize peace in the two regions of South Kurdufan and The Blue Nile stressing that  Sudan would stable and safe by the  year 2020.
He went on to say that "when we advent to power we came for realizing political and economic stability and  praise be to Allah for the grace of security and peace".
Al Bashir  further affirmed  that arms in Darufr and the whole territories of the country will exist during the upcoming phase only in the hands of the regular forces.
He added " we call on all those have weapons to hand over their arms voluntarily and he who fails to hand them over will be subject to the law and we are not ashamed of applying Sharia.
He said " we will soon announce compulsory basic level  education, thanks to our plans in the field of education and we challenge those who criticize education revolution that  it came at the expense of quantity not quality with an evidence for that  Sudan students and youths are equal to the challenge.