Current Date:

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Transport Ministry Endeavors for Recovering Funds Confiscated Due to Sanctions

Khartoum- Minister of Transport Engineer Makawi Mohamed Awad has said his Ministry would endeavor for recovering funds and spare-parts belonging to the Sudan Airways and the Railways Corporation that had been confiscated during the period of the American sanctions.
Engineer Awad briefed First Vice President and National Prime Minister Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh at the Republican Palace yesterday on the arrangements of his ministry following the lifting of the American economic sanctions, especially that the transport sector is one of the sectors that had been greatly harmed by the sanctions.
The Minister said in a press statement that the meeting tackled arrangements by the ministry for rehabilitation of transport means, which are represented in Sudan Airways, railways and sea transport.
He pointed out that the lifting of the sanctions would enable Sudanair to deal directly with Airbus and Boeing companies as well as providing opportunities for training of pilots and engineers.
He indicated that the spare-parts of Sudan railways corporation, which had been confiscated in 1997, would be recovered by the ministry to contribute maintenance of the stopped trains.
Regarding sea transport, the minister said the sector would be developed through partnership with the private sector, explaining that the lifting of the sanctions would provide wide opportunities for investors to operate in this field.