Current Date:

Monday, 16 October 2017

Guidance and Endowment Supports Collecting of Firearms Campaign

Khartoum- Collecting firearms campaign adopted all states in Sudan as one of mechanism in spreading peace in Sudan.  Ministry of Guidance and Endowment organized last week a forum urging and encouraging the Daw’a imams and religious preaches to play their role in mobilizing the society to support and achieve the campaign goals and aims.
Hassbo Mohamed Abd alRahman , Vice President of the Republic , head of the higher committee of collecting the firearms called on the Imams and Daw’a leaders , sophisms factions to contribute in the campaign by raising awareness and spreading education among all people . He added the campaign targets to clean up the whole Sudanese society from the negative phenomenon and the misuse of firearms and weapons which threat all Sudan not only the conflicts and war areas, beside the misuse of these firearms in tribal disputes and conflicts.  The vice president appreciated the role of these religious leaders and called them to remind the people with the Islamic values that urging for tolerance, peace and dialogue and leading of the society towards goodness.
He called on these religious leaders to support the campaign of collecting firearms, and the forum organized by the Ministry of Guidance and Endowment that form an honor charter of Daw’a to protect the whole Sudanese society form all threatens with its different shapes and kinds.
From his side , Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim , Minister of Guidance and Endowment explaining his ministry is working to send 54  Daw’a caravan to all states in Sudan calling for collecting firearms to realize peace, security and stability . He assured to the importance of the Forum in enhancing the Islamic aims and objectives, he called on the religious leaders to support the campaign of collecting firearms, in order to combat all negatives phenomenon.
Ahmed Abd alJaleel  al Nazeer alKarori, State Minister at the Guidance and Endowment , called for unifying the religious speech in Sudan , in facing the challenges and problems of Sudan , he assured to the importance of meetings of religious leaders with the politicians to fill the gaps and to gather the views . He called for developing these religious bodies and organs for the Islamic work and its stability.
It worth mentioning that collecting firearms campaign that running in over Sudan not only in Darfur five states , or Kordofan , the Blue Nile states as the most war affected areas , but also all parts of Sudan .