Current Date:

Monday, 16 October 2017

Forum on Good Quality Education Convenes

Khartoum - Journalists for Children  and  the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) in collaboration with Basic Education Recovery Project (BERP) organized yesterday a forum for journalists on good quality education .
 Director of Basic Education Recovery project ,Hashim Hamza said
 The project is an asset and an achievement to attract support from education partners under the auspices of the World Bank; with an estimated  of 76, $5 million.
Hashim stated that the project is proceeding as planned  The system operates in accordance with financial regulations and rules, and under the supervision of the World Bank.
The project works in the areas of improvement of the school environment, textbook, Construction of schools and classrooms, teacher training and school scholarships, he said .
In 2017, the project worked to improve the performance of the base phase at the state level, which helped to stabilize the Sudan's primary level students and raise their educational level,he added .
 The  Director of Training Directorat at the Federal Ministry of Education Dr Al Tayeb Mohamed Alamin presented a paper on school environment ,besides a paper on the situation of education in sudan presented by Mubarak Yahia .
 It is worth noting that  This project is   constructing schools in some of Sudan’s neediest areas in terms of education, it is also helping to build an education system for Sudan that can provide and sustain those services.

 The Basic Education Recovery Project (2013-2017) helps address the needs of Sudan’s most vulnerable and isolated communities and seeks to improve their educational status. Project components also focus on increasing the availability of textbooks as well as strengthening education planning .