Current Date:

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Umma Party Welcomes Lifting Sanctions

Khartoum : Umma Party Politburo has welcomed in its Saturday meeting the American Administration's confirmation of the executive order which is issued last January
The Politburo considered this move  as crucial step on the roadmap of restoring and normalizing relations with the United States of America calling for other steps  to remove the remaining sanctions imposed on the country.
Umma party considered lifting the  sanctions of the executive orders came  as a result of government commitment to the five tracks which include positive aspects top of which is commitment to cessation of hostilities in the dispute regions of Sudan, inflow of humanitarian assistances , working towards the stability of South Sudan State and improving regional security.
The party affirmed that the step has open a door of opportunity to the country to progress in the external relations file and internal polices  calling for benefiting from it through internal reconciliation with the opposition.