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Friday, 22 December 2017

Sudan Original Strain Camels Always Give Utilities

Sudan enjoys huge camel wealth and resources that makes it one of the biggest producers of camel which characterized

by quality diversity, camels contributes to tackle various diseases that affected man, also it represents one of the Almighty Allah gifts.
The contribution of camels to national economy requires good breeding, feeding and scientific concern to benefit from its milk, meat and leather, the Ministry of animal resources in collaboration with Sudan University of Technology and science has organized the 3rd International Scientific Conference of camel production and research, under the memo “Future Vision of Camels’ Research and Production Due to Climate Change”. The event has been sponsored by the republican presidency, more than 40 experts and researchers from regional and international countries as well as patrons’ union, camel racing and veterinary drugs’ companies in Sudan.
The minister of animal resources Bushara Guma Aror has assured that convention of the conference in Sudan is an indication to Sudan government keenness to promote camel wealth which considered economic, social and cultural values; he also informed that Sudan occupies camel’s production second rank following Somali, there are scientific papers were presented before the participants and other activities on the sideline of the conference such as camel products exhibition by Sudanese and international companies working in the field of camel breeding.

The climate change

The rapportieur of the conference Dr. Salah Eldien Syed Ahmed of animal production section in the faculty of the agricultural studies at University of Sudan has stated that “the university organizes the event every year in coordination with the ministry of animal resources, to promote camels and its productions, the climate change and its impact on camels is the slogan that set by the faculty of the scientific research “University of Sudan” he added that the advantage of conference of the camel research is to raise awareness of camel breeding and production in west Omdurman and east El Nile.
“ we try to change the negative conceptions, to use camel milk as a cure to some diseases, camels’ milk contains high vitamins because it depends on leaves of the trees as food” continued Salah who told that the conferences reviewed the challenges that impede production capacity alongside climate changes impacts and how to overcome obstacles.
The participants discussed four main issues, genetic and breeding, while the second important issue is the production, administration and nutrition, also the technology of camel products’ manufactory, finally the conference has discussed camel health and combating diseases.
Camels best Race:
Has early concerned with camels different categories, it has been distributed in different parts of Sudan, the most famous category is an Arabic camel which has an economic and food value, some of these camels characterized by rapidity, this one exported to Arab countries to be used in camel racing “Kassala” state is the most famous state having such types of camels.
It is to note that Sudanese camels have high food quality, the international concern of camels comes from its economic and future importance, and camel experts conduct deep studies to benefit from its resources. Sudan has earlier paid attention to that by establishing Butana Research Centre which focused on camel scientific different researches to provide good services to camel breeders to get benefits from the researches to increase production and to improve economy.


The minister of animals Bushara Guma has vowed to establish Camel International Research Centre in Sudan, Guma also stated that Sudan has a large camel population which qualifies the country to occupy high rank according to the good quality. The minister appealed to link scientific researches with the surrounded social environment to promote camel development and production.
Food and heritage value:
The chairwoman of the conference supreme committee of Sudan University Professor Amal Bakhiet has stated that the event has been joined by camel race union and veterinary drugs companies; she informed that camels managed to overcome climate change impacts. The conference accompanied by exhibitions and camel racing and awards to winners.