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Friday, 22 December 2017

We are looking for issues of deforestation and desertification, Interview

Sudan Vision Conducts an Interview With Two World Bank  Senior Officials Tracy Hart and Dora Nsuwa Cudjoe based in Washington DC, Who have Paid Recent Trip to

Kassala Accompanying the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development Abdul Gadir Hassan Hilal to inspect on Field projects running by Sudan Sustainable Natural Management Project SSNMP.

Tracy Hart, is a senior environmental specialist has stated that the purpose behind the mission is to support project implementation unit in the State of Kassala, which runs by Sudan Sustainable Natural management Project and to visit communities that supported by the projects.
She assured that The big success of this project is properly water harvesting technique the other success is having the ministry of agriculture concern with pasture, wildlife and animals all together, they try to reestablish and to see a pasture man is also important, because they have to be actually support communities here to be able to run things by themselves and when the community become embraced everything can be offered, education to the children and health condition will progress, so we help people to be able to stay here.
Tracy described people of Kassala as extremely welcoming, friendly proud, hard working and they seek better life for their children.
She added “We are here to facilitate the work of the government, and to make sure that funding coming from the global environment is well functioned also to make sure that Sudan is continue to have food for people and pasture for animals to make sure the from the global environment company facility has been spent rightly, the real work conducted the project implementation unit, ministries and community organizers and the local staff”.
Hart went to say “We asked them about the way to assist and to make them successful and we hope to provide that”.
She also informed that Sum of US$ 7, 7 million has been approved already and US$ 5, 5 million has just in approve, to finance more projects  “the first phase included three states, White Nile, Al Gezira and Kassala States, the second phase will be covered North Kordofan, Nile State and Northern States.
Finally Tracy hoped the people and the government of Sudan to receive more international attention.
While Dora Nsuwa Cudjoe who also a senior environmental specialists she runs Sudan green project stated that sum of US$ 8 million from FCPF to support Sudan and we are about to receive an additional US$ 5 million to implement the projects.
Dora briefed that their trip to Kassala has two missions to support SSNRMP projects, we have seven point seven 3 million dollars to Kassala, White Nile and AL Gezira and the other project for all the other states.
She also told that the main objective of the current trip is an implementation support because people and the government of Kassala have done so much investment on the ground and to make sure that people are benefiting at the moment “we are here to see the success that has been made and to help and address challenges that face the local communities” so she appreciated the success on the ground and to find that if any gaps by our counterpart and the beneficiary so win- win situation.
He informed that from the climate change perspective, we looking for issues of deforestation and desertification, these has value of water in term of red readiness project all the is to assist the drive of deforestation and to encourage the country to take an additional advantages and to receive climate finance.
 The dryness is main issue to provide sustainable and water management, the good thing is that water harvest has been adopted to access irrigation.
She added that “it beautiful to know that local communities are ready to get water for domestic use and agricultural purposes” also Dora has said we can’t solve all the water issues.
“On the field, we listened very well to the communities, women and the men” assured Dora who added that the community who are benefiting has an interest in sustaining the projects; she hailed the water station established in the area.
Dora stressed those water development local committees who trained in how to run the water stations can contribute effectively in sustainability, demanding for more training to local people to get benefit from the resources and to maintain the resources to keep sustainability.
She pointed that it is important that the community own the projects and assets “communities” are part, they have to select what they need. We are ready to give the necessary basic training.
He appreciated the local community in Al Gezira who supported themselves to sustain the water station and they pay for spare parts. She also demanded for coordination with local organizations to run projects when the international ones leave.
She appreciated the demonstrated projects, she called the beneficiaries to keep projects.