Current Date:

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Echo: South Sudan at Stake

The new-born state of South Sudan entered into fierce civil wars worst than ever before, and now more than one million south Sudanese (one eighth of the population) are faced with the risk of death by starvation and additional 5 million South Sudanese need urgent food relief .
South Sudan elites nurtured hatred feeling among their fellow citizens and promoted the idea in their minds that they are occupied and were treated as foreigners or second class citizens by the northerners.
But after cessation, the new born state entered into more terrible civil war than the one with Sudan and the separation showed their contradictions among them more than those contradictions with the northern part of the Sudan.
Nowadays South Sudan, with all its natural resources and oil is suffering famine, refuge, civil war and the absence of security.
Due to the wars and poverty deadly epidemics spread, malnutrition overwhelmed the new-born state and the SPLA is reportedly confiscating properties and cattle to finance its military operations, targeting civilian militias on ethnic and tribal bases
Crops were damaged and inflation hits more than 800% along with the collapse of the markets.
Thousands of South Sudanese took refuge to Sudan (what a paradox!).
According to the UN statistics since mid 2016 Sudanese received 63 thousand South Sudan refugees to reach around 3 million most of them are children who are in critical health conditions.#
A Recent tour of press reporters in some of the South Sudan refugees’ camps in White Nile State revealed the actual face of the war tragedy in South Sudan and reflected the kind hands of the motherland (Sudan) in sheltering its sons and sharing the loaf of bread with them despite their sufferings.
The cessation of South Sudan through 2011 referendum, which was sponsored by the USA Administration and western partners, was expected to give birth to a new state in the region that would  set a model for freedom, democracy and development; but unfortunately it  turned out to be a nightmare.
Let us hope that the proponents and masterminds of the cessation and South Sudan elites learn the lesson and shun using innocent civilians to fuel their struggle for power.
God protect Sudan and South Sudan.