Current Date:

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Echo: Rumours

A Rumour can be defined as an unofficial interesting story or piece of news that might be true or invented, and quickly spreads from person to person.
When the Internet emerged in our lives it was said that the world has become a small village in which we can know whatever we need in a short time.
Every day the world becomes smaller till it became a small transparent box.
Now, any teenager can post whatever he wants for the world to read.
It became very difficult to control the media as before.
This makes the spread of any rumour faster and easier than we imagine.
Every day we find hundreds of untrue messages in the groups of the social media.
Rumour which was used in the wars in the past is not like the rumour of today which is more dangerous than the wars.
In modern studies there is a specialized science in dealing with rumours and how to prove or deny it according to the consequences, but this science does not exist in Sudan.
In the few last days a rumour on the suspension of Sudan Football Federation by FIFA overwhelmed the social media; but when FIFA delegation arrived and met with the officials nothing about suspension was discussed.
It is important to recognize the rumour and deal with it especially in the official circles.
The modern media has become the pillar of decision-making and accordingly it is its role to publish the rumour or stop it.
In the modern countries there are specialized anti-rumours administrations.
It is high time for our government to reconsider its stances towards rumours and establish an anti-rumours administration.