Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Talk of the Hour: Release of Political Detainees Complies with the National Dialogue

President Al Bashir issued a republican decree recently, ordering the release of all the political detainees in the country

. The detention was mainly attributed to association with the popular demonstrations that had erupted previously and which were triggered by unbearable skyrocketing increase in commodity prices. 
The protesters were accused by the concerned authorities of launching demonstrations without prior permission. So, the detention was intended mainly to avoid loss of lives and damage of public properties. 
However, the freeing of the prisoners is not without positive advantages, among them conspicuously are these; the measure is in full compliance with the recommendations of the national dialogue and the Outcome Document that emanated from it. Issued at the appropriate time, because at present the country has been facing many dangers and challenges. Opening the door widely for  further democracy and freedoms, thus eliminating any future demonstrations and arrests. Availing the chance for all the political composition nationally to engage freely in consultations and debates over national issues. Adoption of this measure is very imperative, since arrests and imprisonment will lead to nowhere, but only kindling and escalation of hatreds. Consolidation of the spirit of reconciliation and peace vigorously, exactly as being called for by the national dialogue. Paving the way for  the drafting of  a permanent constitution-a process that is to involve  all the political national composition in Sudan. The decree is not only restricted to the release of prisoners, but even going further than this- availing the chance for both the government and the opposition as work together for fulfillment of noble aims; making the aspired for peaceful settlement a physical reality on the ground. Irrespective of the detainees background differently, justice is being adhered to strictly-all of them are released  indiscriminately. The measure comes in congruity with the national dialogue which is still open for everyone who wants to join in peacefully. Its one thousand plus recommendations, are much competent in resolving all the chronic ills that Sudan suffers from. 
Needless to say, and due to painful experiences, now it is high time for the Sudanese to reach this conclusion; solution to problems can not be attained by violent means;  neither  by quenching it violently. Rather, the righteous approach is this; dialogue, particularly, the document of the national dialogue.  If this is the case and it is, implementation of the one thousand plus recommendations  should become a top priority publicly and officially. 
It goes without saying that, the national dialogue’s Outcome Document is just like a contract that is much binding to all the various components of the Sudanese community. Its outcomes, if executed literally, will function as the base for true justice undeniably and in all domains, socially, economically and politically. Simply, because it is the typical new vision that is much capable rescuing Sudan from the miserable situation it is in now.
In conclusion, we can say this; the release of the political detainees, is a step forward in the right direction which comes in compliance with the recommendations of the national dialogue that will function as the curative measure for all the chronic ills of the country.