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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Talk of the Hour: Sudan and Kenya Have Much in Common

The visit of Deputy Kenyan president, William Ruto, to Sudan recently

, is not without specific aims; coordination of efforts and in all domains, especially economically, politically and diplomatically.
Luckily, the elements that will lead to the success of the relations between Sudan and Kenya are already there; the two countries are members of the African Free Trade agreement, the COMESA and the IGAD. 
However, the COMESA and the IGAD, beside trade, are concerned with other issues such as the realization of peace and stability in the region.
Another factor for boosting the relations bilaterally is the lifting of the US economic sanctions on Sudan, which will open new horizons prosperously, especially economically.
It is worth mentioning that, common trade between Sudan and Kenya, is not something new. On the contrary; the two of them have rooted historic experiences- as Sudan is well acquainted with the Kenya tea, by the same token, Kenya knows very well the Sudanese sugar of Kenana. 
Regarding the political field, the two countries have lots and lots to give to one another. For instance, each one has its own rich and illuminating experiences to provide. When it comes to Sudan, on top of the list is the national dialogue which is not only competent in resolving problems domestically, but also externally.
Further, the two of them have shown concern seriously with the ongoing conflict in South Sudan, which constitutes a real headache whose bad effects not only restricted to Sudan and Kenya, but the other as well. It has resulted in miserable humanitarian conditions and massive desertion of refugees.  Due this, the security of the two countries in particular has been threatened tremendously. 
In addition, there are the challenges commonly; combat of the bad phenomena, such as illegal immigration, human trafficking trade and  terrorism and extremism.
In conclusion, we can say that all factors are there for the boosting of the relations of Sudan and Kenya successfully and in all spheres, especially economically and politically. This is to be added to the fact that together they will form a strong power to fight the common enemies, such as illegal immigration, human trafficking trade and terrorism and extremism.