Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Phenomenon of Homeless Children

The phenomenon of homelessness is one of the most important social problems that are growing and increasing

, not only among the Third World countries, but also in some major industrialized countries. Their emergence is associated with the political and economic developments of human societies. This requires new behavioral patterns acquired by individuals and groups.
The causes of displacement may be as social or economic reasons, poverty and the associated lack of basic needs of food, drink, clothing and treatment, unemployment and lack of job opportunities, migration from the countryside to the cities, family disintegration. Also the dispersion of children between the father and mother because of divorce, cruelty of parents and discrimination between children within the same family, orphan and the loss of one or both parents, which causes poor control of children.
They are children who spend their entire day in the street, either beggars or practitioners of marginal work. This group includes children who spend a period that may be extended or shortened by the street, and then return to their families from time to time. Some of them are paid by the family for this activity in order to obtain income. Another group of displaced children spend their day and night in the street and their entire connection has been cut off for long periods of time that may extend for many years. Some of them are begging and robbing, and there is no stable place for them to stay in the streets.
It began as a negative social phenomenon in the early 1980s in the big cities, especially the state of Khartoum, but soon developed and became dangerous to the future of displaced children and evolved from a phenomenon to a problem that requires attention and requires treatment.
This is in addition to the lack of awareness of the society about the dimensions of the problem of homelessness, although there are some data that came in some official reports, which pointed to the existence of phenomena of deviation among children, has begun to rise on the surface increasingly, including the phenomenon of homelessness, and this confirms that Sudan has known the phenomenon of homelessness since time is not short.
The threats to displaced persons include physical and psychological violence, sexual and economic exploitation, exposure to disease, and the risk of exploitation of gangs and the road.