Current Date:

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Launching of the Scientific Research Projects for the Year 2017

(Haffiya Elyas ) Undersecretary  at  the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research Prof .Azhari Omer Abdel Baki, confirmed the commitment of his Ministry to overcome all obstacles faced by professors and researchers at universities and research centres through coordination between the training department and Scientific Research and innovation in the conduct of training courses for professors and researchers with the study of establishing a centralized coefficient to recruit professors and researchers taking into account the development of the performance of faculty members through the performance development centers of the different universities.

Members of the Committee were agreed to train and rehabilitate professors and researchers so that they could prepare scientific research with reality, giving priority to research that was in line with develop and serve public issues while encouraging the participation of faculty
 in external scientific conferences to gain the expertise they have in their research future, he said.
Minister of Higher Education and scientific research,  Dr Sumaya Muhammad Abu Kashwa stressed that  nations advanced and developed through scientific research and higher education, through the desire of the scholar to present their efforts  of science and technology,, Abu Kashwa said that while addressing  the launch of the research projects funded  by the Ministry  of Higher  Education  and Scientific  Research for the year 2017.The launching was attended by state ministers of higher education, international cooperation, industry and  finance
The Minister appreciated  the efforts  of the researchers from different universities and research centres  that built on the work of the Technical Committee , emphasized the need to  organize  training workshop  for researchers and meeting in centres of excellence,  also the  need to develop projects with strategic dimensions linked to the development of the State and to support the central laboratories at universities.
The minister praised the partnerships with the Ministry of Industry and International cooperation, asking for the use of research and projects and how they could be harmonized for the benefit of the country and the servants, and supported by the Ministry of Finance and of the national economy and its continued interest in increasing the share of scientific research that has taken place in recent years, confirming that scientific research funds have proceeded in accordance with the standards that serve research.

  State Minister at the Ministry of Industry, Dr Abdu Daoud stressed the importance of the ongoing partnership between his ministry, the Department of Higher Education and scientific research, and that grew with the signing of a partnership agreement, which he said he hoped to continue with the scientific Research and Innovation authority and the extent to which the projects presented were in the country's needs.
State  Minister  at the Ministry  of International cooperation, Dr. Sumaya Ukud , confirmed that ministry will spare no effort in supporting scientific research through the preparation of plans and the opening of doors for external support for research through grants and funding.
The first undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Mustafa Youssef Ali, confirmed his ministry's support for research projects, noting that there will be support for projects and research provided by state universities are separate from the Ministry's support for research projects financed in the budget for development in the States