Current Date:

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sudan is the First in Values of Individual Integrality

Khartoum (SUNA) - Many international traditional media including newspapers and magazines, a number of modern Digital media (channels and agencies) and smart media (mobiles) have circulated report by the United Nations (UN) which announced that Sudan has registered first among Arab countries and the second in world in standards of honesty and individual integrality.

In a report issued by UN, "Sudan topped Arab countries list and came the Second in list of (the best world nations in individual integrality) after Ireland that was the First state."
The list was empty of any Arab country, in the first twenty states, who their famous of individual integrality values, except Sudan and Yemen in between Irish people 97%, has feature of individual integrality, while 96% of Sudanese people have these feature, then came the British people in third with 91%. Sweden was forth with of 86%, and Australia fifth 85%, the report continued and added that Holland registered sixth 84%, Japan 82%, then Nepal with 81%, the State of the Seychelles registered 80% and in tenth was Jamaica with 79%.
The list included states from eleven till twenty respectively, Norway 75%, Germany 70%, Brasilia 66%, Canada 64%, Turkey 59%, Kazakhstan 58% and the State of Mali 53%.
Man knows his stature exactly when someone praise him in his presence or his absence, particular when he has some reservation or is angry with that person, because he imposed sanctions and put his country on list of countries that sponsor terrorism.
Complimenting, this time came from an international agency that investigated and monitored carefully, according to specific conditions to measure the most polite world nations, who are characterized by honesty and transparency. It is a global certification, which proves that Sudanese are the first in the Arab world in honesty and in world after Ireland.
It is not a wonder or surprise, if others lauded us and according to scientific and objective standards, because we are, the Sudanese growing up in our private and general behaviors, on religious morals from the Islamic values since long stand centuries. It is not stranger also if an international certificate was given to us from one of the UN agencies, due we received many of commendation certifications from all world nations say that, Sudanese person characterized with distinguished morals and behaviors. Moreover, you can aware that from peoples in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, where large number of Sudanese are working.
Besides Sudanese students, envoy, expatriates and emigrants in Europe, Asia and America, if you ask about Sudanese, you will find the same answer (There is nothings like the Sudanese in morals, honesty and behaviors) in spite little individual cases which may happen from some of them.