Current Date:

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Al Bashir Pledges to Resolve Problems Facing IDPs, Directs Darfur Governors to Implement their Demands

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has pledged to resolve problems facing the displaced people

and implement their demands as well as providing security and services at the villages of voluntary return besides enabling them to restore their lands and farms.
Addressing the displaced people from inside Kalma Camp at Belail Locality in South Darfur State Friday, President Al Bashir reaffirmed that the government will press ahead with the weapons collection campaign and ensuring prevalence of justice and the rule of law.
He said his visit to Kalma camp comes in the context of his desire to meet the displaced people and hear their demands, directing governors and commissioners of Darfur to implement the demands of the IDPs for their return and giving those who do not want to return housing lands.
He called on women and youth in the camps to live up to their role in boosting stability and security to assist in launching development and rehabilitation operations, restoration of the social fabric and peaceful coexistence.
President Al Bashir arrived at Kalma camp for displaced people in South Darfur State in the context of his tour to West and South Darfur States.
Immediately after his arrival, Al Bashir greeted the masses of the displaced persons, who rallied to receive him.
Governor of South Darfur State Engineer Adam Al Faki, on his part, said the visit by the President to Kalma comes in the context of his responsibilities towards the citizens.
Representative of the displaced people of Kalma Camp Abu-Bakr Abu Abdallah, on his part, said the visit comes under the stability and security Dafur witnesses following the decision of weapons collection.
He expressed pleasure of the displaced persons over the weapons collection decision, affirming their support to the plans of the Presidency.
He called for provision of basic services to the citizens who want return, especially security, health, education, water and model villages, urging provision of employment opportunities for them.
The representative of the native administration at the camp, Dajo chieftain Abdel-Rahman Adam Abbo, on his part, welcomed the President’s visit to the camp, wishing success for weapons collection and peace efforts.
Meanwhile, Al Bashir Thursday reiterated his pledges to implement development and services projects in Darfur.
Addressing a mass rally in Gereida town in South Darfur State Al-Bashir recalled his electoral pledges and said that his government is ready to implement the development projects he mentioned in his program.
We are not merchants of votes and we are not lying to people like what political parties had used to do in the past, he said.
Al Bashir pledged that the government will work to rebuild all that the war destroyed in the Darfur states.
He directed the governors of Darfur states to provide land for the resettlement of displaced persons where they want and called on all to cooperate to resolve the issues facing the displaced.
In the meantime, Al Bashir, addressing a mass rally in Nyala Thursday, repeated his commitment to develop the state and to complete infrastructure projects.
He further blamed the rebellion for the disruption of development projects in 2003.
The government signed contracts to supply water to the area with 21 companies, but the rebels blew up these efforts and delayed development projects for 14 years," he said.
Al Bashir called for reconciliation among all the tribes and components of the South Darfur state, considering that social peace and security are the most important elements of development.
He also repeated calls to hand over weapons to the state authorities in the whole region saying weapons should be only in the hands of  the government and used for the protection of civilians.