Current Date:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Improvement of Security Conditions Requires Amendments of Humanitarian Work Measures, Says Humanitarian Commissioner

Khartoum: Minister of Security& Soial Development Mashier Ad Dawalab has affirmed  the importance of indigenizing and Sudanizing Humanitarian work as  it is a sovereignty

issue related to national security and national sovereignty.
Addressing yesterday the joint meeting on the honor of convening community development council with the participation  of the Ministers of Social Affaires and Humanitarian Work commissioners ‘the Minister has called for effecting firm coordination on the basis of Rabak declaration of humanitarian work which was issued recently. 
For his part, Humanitarian Work Commissioner Ahmed Salah has presented features and guidelines of the coming phase of humanitarian  work highlighting the importance of this meeting for further understanding and coordination for joint work on humanitarian affairs and implementing the polices and guidelines from top downwards to the ground.
The commissioner  highlighted improvement of security conditions and Sudan’s foreign relations and the international openness which made it necessary to amend the measures of humanitarian work in Sudan