Current Date:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Haftar Supports Darfur Movements with New Consignment of Advanced Weapons

Khartoum: (smc) Big quantities of advanced arms and ammunition including anti-airplanes arms and tens of machineries and military equipment in the frame work of the

support extended by the commander of the dignity operation Khlifa Haftar to the mercenaries Darfuri groups.
Informed security sources have confirmed to smc that a group led by the two rebels Jabir Ishag and Salih Jebel Sie have started gathering the remnants of the   fleeing groups  from Darfur  battles in which sever losses on the two groups of Minawi and Tarada were inflicted  by the Sudanese army.
The sources noted that the group has liaised with Liberation and Justice Movement and the Unity movement which were present in Zantan and Sabha with the aim of  making them join the  new alliance
The sources did not rule out that the groups are plotting a new attack on Darfur with a direct support from Hafter and the militias affiliated to him.
It is noteworthy that a number of those fleeing Darfur battles have arrived at the region of Margi well on the road linking Al Kufra and Rabiana