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Monday, 02 April 2018

Signs of Encounter in Communist Party, Aljuzoli Responds Violently to Al-Khateeb

Khartoum: Member of the Communist Party’s central authority, who resigned from the party, Kamal Al Juzoli  has responded vehemently  to  the secretary of the party Mohammed Mukhtar Al Khateeb,  whereby Al juzoli revealed details published for the first time about his surprise resignation from the membership of the central committee and the politburo  of the Party last week.
Aljuzoli told Altayar newspaper on Tuesday “I tendered my resignation in writing and handled it to the administrative secretary of the party Mohieldin Al-Gallad and I am not aware of Al-Khateeb’s motives to deny this fact” he went on to say that he should have asked Al-Gallad before denying or confirming the resignation.
Aljuzoli explained that the politburo of the party subjected his resignation for discussion and they concluded with seconding the leading figures of the party Siddig Yousuf and Masoud to discuss it with him. However, he insisted firstly to know Al-Khateeb motives behind denying his resignation, he demanded asking Al-Gallad to testify that he has received his written resignation and he submitted it to the party’s politburo which discussed it on Sunday first.