Current Date:

Thursday, 08 June 2017

Sudanese Army Deployed on Libyan-Egyptian Borders

(Libyan Express) Sudanese Army officials announced that they deployed forces on the triangle border crossing between Sudan, Libya and Egypt.

On the official website of the Sudanese Army Forces, they said Sudan’s military forces were deployed in the area from Al-Awaynat Mountain to Al-Dibbah region in northern Sudan.
“Over 90 thousand troops were deployed on the borders with Libya and Egypt.” The Sudanese Armed Forces said.
It added that once they were positioned in the Awaynat Mountain nearby Egyptian border, the Egyptian forces that were in there had retreated.
Only Sudanese Army is positioned in Awaynat Mountain now, the Sudanese Army reported.
Earlier on Thursday, there were reports about the Egyptian army arriving in big number in Awaynat Mountain area near the Libyan-Sudanese and Egyptian borders, in an attempt to provide land backup for Khalifa Haftar-led Operation Dignity forces in their current attacks on Derna, Hun, Waddan, Sokna, and other parts of Jufra, in addition to Benghazi.