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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ramadan through Somali Eyes

Khartoum- The annual Ramadan Iftar of the Somali Community in Khartoum was held at the International Park last Saturday. The Iftar was organized by ICD Company in collaboration with the Council for International People’s Friendship (CIPF) and the Somali Embassy n Khartoum.
The occasion was attended by the Executive Director of CIPF and the Press Attaché at the Somali Embassy in Sudan.
Secretary General of the Somali Community in Khartoum Abdul-Wali Hassan Hussein, addressing the occasion, expressed thanks to the government and people of the Sudan and the CIPF for the warm hospitality they show towards members of the Somali Community, saying that the Iftar is considered as a sort of solidarity among the Muslim people.
He reviewed the types of food served during Ramadan Iftar in Somalia, saying that their main dish in this occasion is macaroni and meat.
The Press Attache of the Somali Embassy, Mohamed Mahmoud, on his part, hailed the Sudanese hospitality and generosity, saying that the Iftar, which was attended by more than a hundred Somali students studying in the various universities in Khartoum, comes as part of interaction and solidarity among the peoples.
He added that the occasion also availed an opportunity to know the customs and traditions of the peoples, saying that the Somali community would transfer the Sudanese people’s practice of having Ramadan Iftar on the roads to their country, explaining that such custom enables every person on the road to have Iftar at the appropriate time.