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Monday, 02 April 2018

Open Distance Learning is the Future Education: Prof. Faisal

Khartoum- The 5th African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) conference held in Khartoum last week elected Professor Faisal Abdallah Al-Hag, Vice Chancellor of Open University of Sudan (OUS), as the ACDE President for the coming three years. Sudan Vision attended the two-day conference, took the opportunity and interviewed in a full text of interview be published in the coming days; Prof Faisal to highlight the organizing of the 5th ACDE and the election of Open University of Sudan as president of the ACDE.
Prof. Faisal detailed the idea of establishing the ACDE, its goals and objectives, vision and mission. The Future plan is to be at the top of the Universities, and transferred most of education methods to electronic ones. The Open University of Sudan (OUS) tends to put lectures on the mobiles phones for the students beside the plan to go forward in the IT.
He explained that the ACDE’ future plan is to encourage all the activities of the ACDE and to encourage also the regional areas so as to hold conferences, share knowledge, and to contact the international donors to promote these activities. The recommendations included utilization of Open Education Resources, developing groups, sharing researches, making capacity building. ICT, remote and encourage that plays a vital role in education.
He explained the real need of the Open Distance Learning as distinctive type of education and requirement to adopt it in all Sudan. He described the ODL is future education considering it as the best option for learning, indicating  to that they are not utilizing face to face education, using a lot ways of text books, IT, Radio, TV, it is the best type of education for the age is confirm to the traditional Universities.