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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Al Bashir Reviews with Belarusian President Means of Mutual Cooperation

Khartoum (Shadia/Mohamed Abdalla/Mohamed Babikir/Mohamed Al Mubarak) - The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has yesterday concluded his two-day

visit to Sudan during which he held talks with his counterpart Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir, the President of the Republic.
Al Bashir has affirmed that political dialogue is the perfect mean for resolving crises, realizing peace and avoiding wars announcing that consultation is currently ongoing with the political forces for setting up a national consensus government while endeavors are still going on for convincing the holdouts to participate out of our keenness to realize comprehensive national consensus, peace and lasting stability in Sudan.
He said in a speech he delivered before the inaugural session of the Sudanese-Belarusian talks at the Republican Palace that Sudan has continually sought with many regional and international partners supporting efforts that aim at restoring peace and stability in Syria , Iraq, Yemen and Libya since the outbreak of the crises in these countries and in South Sudan state.
He highlighted the pivotal role undertaken by Sudan in combating phenomena of  terrorism , ideological ,extremism, illegal migration, human trafficking in addition to the regional efforts made by Sudan for mitigating tension  in the region noting that the world is going through  many international and regional  challenges  and attempts from the part of some to spark  turmoil  and fueling civil wars and regional disputes and what is going on in our Arab region is an example and evidence in this regard.
He said Sudan has continued to witness an effective political mobilization these days via passing the recommendations of the national dialogue
Meanwhile Al Bashir has reviewed with Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko at the Republican Palace means for promoting joint cooperation between the two countries along with reviewing a number of issues of mutual concern and activating the memos of understanding between the two sides.
Lukashenko has arrived the Sudanese national capital city of Khartoum on Monday in a first official visit and he is scheduled to conduct bilateral talks with Al Bashir
Al Bashir briefed the Belarusian president on the events of peace process and the national dialogue which climaxed in the national document and the developments in the regional and international arena along with boosting cooperation for the benefit of the two countries.
The president of the Republic of Belarusia has addressed Tuesday the Sudanese parliament session as he demanded and held a joint meeting with the speaker of the parliament Ibrahim Ahmed Omer during which reviewed issues of concern to the two countries.
President Al Bashir and President Alexander Lukashenko have signed at the conclusion of the talks a friendship and cooperation agreement between the two countries
Meanwhile the two presidents have witnessed the ceremonies of signing official documents whereby they sign a memo of understanding between the Ministry of water Resources Irrigation and Electricity and the Ministry of Energy in Belarus. Signed for Sudan was engineer Mutaz Musa, The Minister of water Resources while Vladimir Batob, The Belarusian Minister of Energy signed for the Belarusian side.
The agreements included a memo of understanding between the two ministries of Justice in the field of joint cooperation while an agreement was also signed for encouraging and protecting investment in the two countries.