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Monday, 02 April 2018

UAE Ambassador Calls for Adherence to Moderate Method of Islam

Khartoum - The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Khartoum, Mohamed Al-Junaibi, has expressed the pleasure of his country to have good and firm relations with Sudan in the political, economic, humanitarian and social fields.
This came in a speech he gave at the Mosque of Al-Fajr Charity Foundation in Al-Azhari quarter, southern Khartoum, which is considered the second biggest mosque to be established in Sudan.
He affirmed keenness of the UAE and Gulf charity societies to operate in Sudan.
Ambassador Al-Junaibi has called on all Muslims to stick to the moderate method of Islam and abide by the religious tolerance.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the border of directors of Al-Fajr Charity Foundation, Dr. Bakri Mohamed Abdalla, said that the foundation’s mosque in Al-Azhari quarter is considered the mosque No. 200 of the foundation and No. 95 of Dubai Charity Society, indicating that the mosque was established at an area of 600 square meters and hosting to 1200 prayers.
He referred to establishment of several health centers and schools by Al-Fajr Charity Foundation in Sudan.