Current Date:

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Government: Those Who Call For Civil Disobedience Saboteurs

Khartoum -  Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohamed Abdurrahman has said on Monday that those who call for civil disobedience are saboteurs and agents funded

by  Israel  and foreign intelligence agencies those have no place for them in Sudan saying that Civil Disobedience doesn’t cope with independence .
Hassabo said while addressing the celebration organized by the legislative council of Khartoum state marking the 61st anniversary of announcing Sudan’s independence from inside the parliament.
 “Our message to the saboteurs and those calling for Civil Disobedience we say to them this is inappropriate to independence,” he said
He went on to say that the call for civil disobedience suits who are funded by Israel and intelligence agencies saying that would have said this a message to work and production instead of saying it is a message of subversion.   You can cite the examples of destroyed countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq so why do you sabotage our country
Hassabo further sent a message for those staying abroad calling them to come to Sudan and the solution can be attained through dialogue.  The solution is not mercenary or treason to the homeland hailing the regular forces, students, youths, farmers, doctors and all the professionals as they produce for the sake of the homeland.
He said Sudan is calling its sons to come and join forces for work. He noted that next year will see the setting up a new government to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue and the leadership is committed to implementing the outcomes.  Noting that the tasks of the prospected government is implementing the national document for implementing the upcoming constitution of Sudan for implementing good governance, democracy and peaceful transfer of power.