Current Date:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Government: Sudan Will Soon Access WTO

Khartoum- (Mohamed Babikir – Khalda Elyas )First Vice President of the Republic Prime Minister 1st Lt  General Bakri Hassan Saleh yesterday inaugurated at Al-Bagair region

the country celebration of the day of national industrialization with a wide participation of the ministers of economic sector, representatives of Gezira state government, presidents of Commercial Chambers Unions and Employers Unions.
Bakri affirmed while addressing the celebration that state commitment to developing industrial sector as industry is the train of the economy noting that Sudan will soon access the World Trade Organization (WTO) a matter that requires huge preparedness by the industrial sector to cope with the international standards calling for realizing a surplus value for the products of the country.
The Prime Minister further said the outcomes of the National dialogue have recommended the development of industrial sector of the country and removing all the obstacles disrupting its progress.
He directed the banks to facilitate financing to the sector of industry so that it may contribute in supporting the national economy directing the realization of an added value for the Sudanese product and not to export it in a form of raw material.
He noted that Sudan has gone far in substituting industry of edible oils and medicines however some industries require efforts like sugar industry noting that imposing high fees on the product will reduce its competitiveness domestically and externally.
Bakri brought the glad tidings of providing stable electric current in the two industrial regions of Al-Bagair and Soba highlighting the inauguration of Soba transformation electricity station on the twenty fifth of the current month of August
Meanwhile Bakri inaugurated at the sidelines of the celebration Muawia Al-Bireir complex for printing, book binding   and stationary and inaugurated the spray drying powdered milk factory with a productive capacity of 33 metric tons per day