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Monday, 02 April 2018

Sudan Is China's Gateway to Africa: Foreign Minister

Khartoum-Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Badriya Suleiman said that Sudan is the gateway of China to the African world

, stressing the importance of Sudan-China relations, which  reaching the levels of strategic cooperation in 2015.
Addressing the Sudanese-Chinese Women Trade Union Forum Sudan-, Badriya said that the Chinese-Sudanese communication in the economic field is evident in the economic development of all states of the Sudan, stressing the need to consolidate trade union women's experiences through the exchange of experiences with their Chinese counterparts, stressing the importance of exchanging experiences to push the relations between the two countries to a wider horizons and implement the agreements signed between the two countries.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour renewed strong leadership support for the work of the trade union of the two countries, pointing to the strong economic partnership between Sudan and China, and China's support for Sudan in highly sensitive conditions and that Sudan is China's gateway to Africa, tackling to China's significant role in the economic boom of Sudan through the project of oil and that  China is still the first economic partner of Sudan, and that the political relations reached the stage of strategic cooperation signed between the two presidents in 2015, stressing the development of the Sudanese trade union movement in the field of women in particular.
Deputy President of the Sudanese Workers' Trade Union Federation (SWTUF), Yahya Hassan took the gathering as a bridge of communication between the Sudanese and Chinese women and the coordination of political and economic aspects, explaining that the representation of women in Sudan workers is 30% of all trade unions, stressing the role of Sudanese women in trade union work, while the Secretary of Women and Affairs of Child in the union, Eng. Eman Ahmed dealt with the objectives of the forum, which aim at communicating and coordination with the outside world and exchanging experiences and ideas.
For her part, In Charge of Women's Affairs of the All-China Federation of Workers has insured on the strong relations between the two countries and the history of trade union relations, expressing their desire to promote women's relations in order to support the Sudanese-Chinese march.