Current Date:

Saturday, 24 March 2018

23rd Forests Annual Conference Kicks-off

Khartoum- Presidential Assistance, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, has addressed yesterday the 23rd Forests conference which is held under the theme “Towards More Green

Sudan”, at the Forests National Corporation, in Khartoum. He assured the commitment of the Presidency to support the forests sector, and to go forward in implementing the decree that called on nationalizations of forests issued in the last 22nd forests conference 2017, and to be included in the coming constitution of Sudan by contributing in the discussion to make this constitution permanent.
He expressed also the support of the Presidency for investment in the forests sector, he appreciating the efforts of the Forests national corporation in facilitating the process of private investment in this vital sector.
Dr. Faisal pointed to the government commitment to adopt the campaign of the replacement of the missing plants cover, and to increase forests from 10, 3% to 20% during the coming 10 years. 
Dr. Faisal pointed to the importance of the regional and international partners with the concerned bodies. He noted to the integration of efforts and cooperation and protection of forests. He called on exerting more efforts in the scientific research not only for the sake of scholars and researchers, but also for the benefit of whole society.
He pointed the great development in the field of forests globally. He assured the collective responsibility to protect and preserve of the forests. He noted to the international forests conferences tackling different topics, including the activating of finance funds, climate change, calling to benefit from such conferences in solving the issues of desertification, and the degradation of agricultural lands.
Al-Sadiq Fadlallah, state minister at the ministry of agriculture, noted to the organizing of the 23rd forest conference in the context of the national week of agriculture in the period from 23rd-29th March 2018.  He assured the importance of forests in protection and preservation of the soil that lead to increase agricultural and animal products, added development of forests reduce poverty rates, and forests play a major role in the national economy .He expressed the commitment of the ministry of agriculture with developing the forests sector to play its role in the economic and social responsibility.
He pointed to the presidential decree to increase the area to 20% of the total area of Sudan. He called on the private to invest in forest sector, and to develop the local resources by supporting the ecotourism.  He directed the Forests national corporation to support investment in forest, woody, and non woody products. He appreciated the regional and international aids and support to develop the forests resources.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Ali, Director General of the Forests national Corporation explained that the conference titled forests for the sake of green Sudan as part of the national week of agriculture under the title agriculture is a locomotive of development, it simultaneously with the celebrations with the international day of forests on 21st every year all over the world, which came this year under the theme Forests and the sustainable cities.
He described forests as one of the most important resource. in addition to its environmental role on agricultural and animal productivity .