Current Date:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

German Ambassador Affirms Strong Bilateral Relations

Khartoum - The German Ambassador in Khartoum, Ulrich Klockner, has affirmed the contribution of German companies to the recovery and development of the Sudanese

The German Ambassador, speaking at a press conference held at the German Pavilion at the International Fair of Khartoum yesterday, affirmed his country’s support to Sudan  in all fields, voicing hope that the Sudanese government would boost contacts with the international institutions and companies, benefit from lifting the economic sanctions and endeavor for debts’ pardoning.
He disclosed that an agricultural conference would be convened in Khartoum soon, referring to the vast agricultural resources in Sudan.
The German Ambassador pointed out that his country sends each year new companies to Sudan, affirming that Sudan is considered as a gateway to the African countries.
He stressed on  the strong relations linking his country with Sudan, especially in the economic field, indicating that Germany participates in the current session of Khartoum International Fairs with 11 companies, some of which have remained operating in the country for 50 years.