Current Date:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Foreign Ministry Warns Sudanese against Illegal Immigration to Libya

Khartoum - Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned Sudanese citizens not to illegally migrate to Libya and follow official procedures to travel to Libya or elsewhere.

Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said, in press statements in the Parliament following session on the Sudanese kidnapped in Libya, who were released yesterday, that this is a joint effort involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NISS, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of the Interior, praising Sudan's mission in Tripoli and Benghazi .
 Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament, Mohamed Mukhtar said that in the framework of the role of the National Assembly  in relation to the torture of some Sudanese in Libya an extensive meeting with the relevant bodies was held, noting that the detainees were released through a great effort carried out by the state through all concerned agencies, noting that Ghandour called, in the meeting, for non-travel to Libya and to reduce illegal immigration, adding that the speakers at the meeting called on the state to resolve the basic dilemmas that led to illegal migration, stressing the cooperation of the Libyan government with the security services.
For his part, Haj Majid Sowar, former ambassador to Libya, recommended that the Parliament to adopt awareness campaign for youth on the dangers of illegal migration with the participation of media and civil society and the need to activate the national protection mechanism to protect the Sudanese in other countries other than Libya.