Current Date:

Monday, 08 January 2018

Darfuri Movements: Ceasefire Is A frank Call for Armed Groups to Join Peace.

Khartoum (SMC) – Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) peace signatory faction described the extension of ceasefire

decreed by President Al Bashir is a strong step to push forward the peace process and lead to resolving all the outstanding issues.
 JEM spokesperson Ahmed Abdulmagid stated to (smc) that the decision is a clear and frank call for armed groups to join the peace process, affirming that despite the victories of the Sudanese army in the battlefields which resulted to the decline of the rebellion the President is still calling them to come to the negotiations table in all his speeches.
Abdulmagid called on the non-signatory movement to follow suit in making peace an essential principle to resolve all the issues.